Sites You Should Visit on Your Nile Cruise Holiday

Every person has a bucket list of places they would love to visit,and a Nile Cruise holiday should be included. What sets a Nile cruise apart from other adventures? Is it the fact that the Nile is the longest river in the world? Again,it might be because the Nile boasts of an amazing repertoire of iconic sights,such as the pyramids and archaeological attractions.

If you love seeing new places or visiting hieroglyphics sites,you can never go wrong with visiting magical Egypt. Be a part of Egypt’s 5,000-year history by engaging in enthralling voyages of discovery to see what the Nile has to offer by taking part in a Nile Cruise holiday and seeing these attractions in all their majesty.

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The Great Giza Pyramids and Sphinx

No Nile Cruise holiday can be complete without visiting the Pyramids of Giza. Located just outside the City of Cairo,the first sight of the three Great Pyramids,three smaller ones,and the Great Sphinx will take your breath away! Nearly all the Nile cruises setting off from Cairo have the Pyramids of Giza on the ‘menu’. Savor the incredible feats of ancient Egyptian engineering that are the Pyramids of Giza.

These spectacular royal mausoleums are over 4,500 years old and are the last of the ancient Wonders of the World still standing today. Inside the over 100 meter Great Pyramid,you can view elaborate tomb art depicting ancient Egyptian life.

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If ancient temples,statues,and buildings are enough to make your blood race,then you can’t afford to miss Luxor. Luxor is also referred to as Thebes,a bustling metropolis that hosted Pharaohs of old. It is known as ‘the open air museum’ due to its repertoire of archaeological artifacts.

Now,depending on your itinerary,the Nile Cruise holiday will begin in either Aswan or Luxor. If you prefer a brief tour,you will begin in Luxor. Unfortunately,if you start in Luxor,you will miss seeing Edfu Temple in the south. As you progress to the Eastern bank of the River Nile; you will come across the Luxor Temple and the Karnak Temple complex. Still need to add more sights to your itinerary? Why not visit the super-amazing mummification museum,the Mortuary Temple of Seti I,and The Temples of the Nobles?

The Majestic Temples of Abu Simbel

If you desire to learn more about ancient Egyptian queens and kings,all you need to add to your Nile Cruise holiday is a visit to Abu Simbel village in Aswan. The impressive colonnaded temples and the lofty statues were carved in the 13th Century. These include the longest-reigning woman ruler,Queen Hatshepsut,plus Ramses II and his wife,NefertariMeritmut.

Experience Lifetime Moments Cruising Down the Nile

Go back into time by taking a Nile Cruise holiday,and we promise you that you will feel the oneness with ancient Egyptian history. Apart from the iconic places and magnificent landmarks,you’ll have unending tales for your friends and families. Finally,the icing on the cake is that incredible Middle Eastern hospitality will be at your disposal.

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